Cookies with Santa

A Virtual Visit to the North Pole!
Target Audience: 
Students in Grades K-3
Requirements for Participation: 

There are six spots in each program open to MAGPI Members with H.323 videoconferencing capabilities

"Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!
 On, Comet! On, Cupid! on, on Donner and Blitzen!
 To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!"

Join us for an interactive adventure to Santa's workshop in the North Pole! Our special guest, Kris Kringle (aka Santa Claus) will be joining students via videoconference to share stories of the North Pole, read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, answer students' questions and munch on cookies.

Videoconference Agenda

  • Welcome and Introductions (3 min)
    Santa Claus will welcome all schools to the videoconference
  • Adventures at the North Pole and Letter Responses (5 min)
    Santa will share adventures at the North Pole
  • Reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (10 min)
    Santa will read Clement Moore's poem
  • Cookie Sharing (10 min)
    Every school will have 1 minute to share their cookie creations!
  • Question and Answer with Santa (15 min)
    Every school will have an opportunity to ask Santa 2 questions
  • Wrap-Up (2 min)
    Unmute your mics and say goodbye!

Pre-Videoconference Activities

  • Cookie Project: Have your students create and design christmas cookies to share during the videoconference. The cookies can be edible (we've got a link to some great sugar cookie recipes under "Resources"), paper (there are some coloring outlines under "Resources," too!), made out of playdough, or anything - - the possibilities are endless. We've listed some potential resources, but feel free to intrepet this in anyway that makes sense for your class! During the videoconference, your students will have one minute to present their cookie projects! Be sure to include the name of your school and where you are located when practicing your presentation!
  • Familiarize Students with Twas the Night Before Christmas: Preview Twas the Night Before Christmas with your students. We've included a link to the Google Book under "Resources."
  • Write a letter to Santa: We have some happy volunteer elves who will be responding to student letters as part of this videoconference project. Individually or as a class, have your students write letters to Santa (we encourage you to integrate using a word processor and/or digital camera into this activity - - but it's really up to you!). Create a single word document with all of your students' letters (or your class letter) and mail it to Heather at no later than December 3, 2010. A volunteer elf will be writing your class a personal letter back (which will be emailed to Heather and she will forward tthe registered participant for the program) and Santa will reference your students' letters during the videoconference.
  • Generate Questions for Santa: As a class, come up with 5 questions for Santa. During the videoconference, your school will have an opportunity to ask two questions - - but by preparing five, we can ensure questions aren't repeated! We'll conduct this portion of the videoconference in round robin fashion. We will call on schools in alphabetical order and each school will have an opportunity to ask one question before we move onto the next. After all schools have asked a question, we will repeat the rotation. Please make sure whomever is asking the question(s) are seated right next to the microphone before we get to this portion of the videoconference.


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