Getting Connected

All you need to know about connecting to MAGPI

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Our Network

MAGPI was originally created to provide a cost effective way for institutions to connect to the national network known as Internet2. While this continues to be our primary focus, we have endeavored to use our 18 years of experience with high performance networking to enable solutions for research and education that keep pace with changes in the way massive amounts of data are collected, stored, and shared with collaborators. Our members rely on the accumulated skills of MAGPI staff members, all of which have long careers in network technology. A connection to MAGPI alleviates much of the challenge associated with wide area data management and performance monitoring, reducing institutional staffing and ensuring a secure and stable off-campus network environment.

Physical Connectivity

There are several ways to facilitate a direct connection to the MAGPI Communications Center at 401 N. Broad St. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

  • Third Party Circuits - Virtually all of the commercial carriers have a presence at the Telecommunications Hotel in Philadelphia. Members can build fiber optic cabling to the MAGPI facility or lease a managed lit service from the carrier of their choice. Sunesys, LLC, is a primary partner for MAGPI connectivity in the tristate region.
  • Access through MAGPI's Optical Network - MAGPI leases fiber optic cabling that has access nodes in Philadelphia, PA, Princeton, NJ, and 32 Sixth Avenue in New York City. Wavelengths are available in 1G, 10G, and 100G Ethernet capacities.
  • Access through Regional State Networks - MAGPI has direct connections to both NJEDge, the state network for New Jersey, and the University of Delaware state network.
Once the connection is built, MAGPI will assist in the termination to our equipment. This often requires a cross-connect from the “meet me” racks to our location. MAGPI will need to provide a Letter of Agency to 3rd party carriers for the exact coordinates at the Meet Me Cage, (MMC). Building risers, if coming from another floor in 401 are at the member’s expense. If using MAGPI’s optical network or NJEDge or the University of Delaware, this may not require any additional cross-connects other than a cabinet-cabinet patch cable.

It is important to work with the MAGPI NOC for determining the proper termination ends for cabling coming to our equipment. IP addressing and other configuration information will also be determined prior to completing the connection. During the registration process for any new member, a data sheet must also be provided by the member.

Agreements and Fees

All MAGPI members must have a signed Master Service Agreement which denotes the terms and conditions for membership. This includes the details for the major offerings; Bandwidth and Infrastructure. Consulting Services are highly customized and will be priced according to a Statement of Work for each occurrence. For a detailed price quotation, please contact a MAGPI staff member to discuss solutions for your institution.
MAGPI will meet with the new member as frequently as needed to determine the most productive and cost effective level of bandwidth capacity that will meet their needs. Once the engineering is completed, a Service Order will be issued as an attachment to the Master Service Agreement, (MSA) that details the non-recurring and recurring fees necessary to complete the connection. Implementing service will not begin until both the MSA and the Service Order are executed and returned. Additional Service Orders to increase capacity or add features may be written at any time during the term stated in the MSA and once executed, will be attached to the MSA

Bandwidth Services - MAGPI provides Ethernet connections at 1G, 10G, and 100G. As the membership increases, prices are reviewed annually and reductions or increases are levied appropriately. To date, there has never been an increase in fees. We take the status of Non-Profit seriously and pass along economies achieved through growth or decreased expenses to our members.

Optical WAN Services - Use of our fiber cabling is open to any bandwidth subscriber. Once an institution participates in the shared operational and maintenance expenses for either the Philadelphia->Princeton segment or the Princeton->NYC segment, they may add as many circuits/wavelengths as they like without incurring any additional transport fees. Only the non-recurring and network management charges are added to an invoice.

Consulting Service Fees - There are no fees for the initial visit to determine the viability of entering into a contractual relationship. A detailed Statement of Work will be created to ensure the MAGPI roles and responsibilities are clearly understood and that the member expectations are also evident.