Network Services

MAGPI provides high performance connectivity to institutions in the region, across the U.S. and in many cases, around the globe. Our services are designed to enable our members’ research and educational applications to function across our 100 Gbps connection to Internet2 and other performance networks in the U.S.

Getting Connected

MAGPI invites all research, academic, healthcare, and other non-profit organizations to join our community and benefit from our infrastructure and the high performance networks we connect to. Members can connect directly to our routing core in Philadelphia or through access nodes on our private optical network.

MAGPI Technical Support

MAGPI’s NOC provides network monitoring and support for all MAGPI member institutions. Click the button belown to learn more about the MAGPI NOC.

For MAGPI Members

MAGPI provides secure access to our members to review documents and reports relevant to their specific institution. Logins are assigned at the members’ request.

Resource Library

MAGPI has made public a variety of information relevant to our organization. In this section you will find our current topology maps, technical diagrams, and generic agreements necessary to subscribe to MAGPI services.

News and Events

Check often for information on the latest MAGPI articles, event announcements, and activities happening in the region, across the country, and around the world.